Color Chart

View the color chart of our most popular colors. If you need a color not listed here, please let us know and we will try to match the color's for you.

Black w/Powder Blue Tail
Blk & Chartreuse w/Blk Flk
Blk w/Blue Flake
Blk w/Red Flake
BlkwBlueFlk & BlueTail w/BlueFlk
Blue Gill
Blue Pearl w/Blk Flk
Blue Pearl w/Blk/Gold Flk
Brown& Orange
Bubble Gum
Chartreuse w/Blk Flk
Chartreuse w/Silver Flk
Chocolate w/Blk Flk
Clear w/Silver Flk
Cotton Candy
Cran Apple
Crawfish                 (GeorgiaCraw)
Crawfish w/Orange Tail(GeorgiaCraw)
Crowley Coffee
Dark Mel Blk/Prpl/Gold Flk
Dark Mel w/Blk Gold Flk
Dark Mel w/Blk Orange Flk
Dark Mel w/Blk/Gld/Silv/Orng Flk
Electric Blue
Electric Gobe
Erie  Mel w/Blk/Gold/Blue Flk
Firetail Black & Blue
Firetail Black & Chartreuse
Firetail Black & Red
Firetail Crayfish & Orange
Firetail GreenPumpkin&BlueTail
Firetail GreenPumpkin&Chartreuse
Firetail June Bug & Pearl
Firetail Junebug &PowderBlueTail
Firetail Purple & Pink
Firetail Road Kill & Chartreuse
Flippin Blue
Flippin Blue /Powder Blue Tail
G P Blk/Orange & Chart Pearl Tail
G P w/Blk/Purple Flk & Blue Tail
G Pumpkin & Chartreuse /Blk Flk
G Pumpkin Candy
G Pumpkin w/Blk/Gld/Prpl Flk
G Pumpkin w/Blk/Gld/Prpl/OrngFlk
G Pumpkin w/Blk/Red Flk
GP Blk/Purp / Smoke /Blk/Purp Flk
GP w/ Watermelon Tail
GP w/Blk&Blue & Powder BlueTail
Green Pumpkin & PowderBlueTail
Green Pumpkin w/Blk/Orange  Flk
Green Pumpkin w/Blk/Purple Flk
June Bug
Light Brown Goby
Light Melon w/Blk Flk
Light Melon w/Blk/Gold Flk
Light Melon w/Blk/Orange Flk
Light melon w/Blk/Red Flk
Minnow Flash Gold
Motor Oil w/Red Flk
Mud Pie
Pearl w/Silver Flk
Pumpkin Seed
Pumpkinw/Blk/GrnFlk /ChartBlkFlk
Pumpkin w/Blk/Orng Flk &OrngTail
Road Kill
Road Kill Desert
Road Kill w/Blue Tail
Road Kill w/Smoke Purple Tail
Road Kill w/Watermelon Tail
Salt & Pepper
Saphire Blue /Powder Blue Tail
Sapphire Blue
Smoke w/Blk Blue Flk
Smoke w/Blk Flk
Smoke w/Blk Purple Flk
Smoke w/Blk/Gold Flk
Smoke w/Blk/Orange Flk
Smoke w/Blk/Red Flk
Smoke w/Blk/Silver Flk
Tomato Seed
Watermelon Burst
Watermelon Candy
Watermelon w/Blk Flk
Watermelon w/Blk/Gold
Watermelon w/Blk/Purple/Gold
Watermelon w/Blk/Red Flk
Watermelon w/Blue Flk